Teaching the masses about early signs and symptoms and creating more and more awareness. Awareness is the key to reduce cancer as people are aware about cancer and follow appropriate measures; it significantly reduces the risk of cancer. Negligence may cost life so if the symptoms persist for more than 15 days, one must consult the doctor. Early detection is possible through self-examination and proper procedures must be learned from a doctor or a medical expert.
If these symptoms persist beyond two weeks of treatment then consult a surgeon.
-   Partial paralysis/numbness/regular headache/fits/transitory blindness etc can be the symptoms of Brain Cancer.
-   Conjunctivitis, haemorrhage &protruding eye can be the symptoms of Eye Cancer.
-   Ulcers or white/red patches inside your mouth or decreased opening of mouth can be the symptoms of Mouth Cancer.
-   Blood tinged cough can be the reason for Lung Cancer.
-   Hoarseness of voice can be the reason for Larynx Cancer.
-   Pale-appearance, fatigue, breathlessness, low fever can be the symptoms for Blood Cancer.
-   In female retraction/discharge from nipples and swelling/pain/irritation/itching in breast and irregular menstrual
    cycle or bleeding after menopause, age 45+ , these are can be the symptoms of Cervix/Uterus/Ovary Cancer.